People Practice

Major Reference
May 19, 2018

athletic people practicing exercise characters vector illustration design

Human beings think. It’s what we do. Unless we have hatred.

We should appreciate and utilize well our thoughtful gift. But we don’t think about that. We don’t even respect it. Hate is unthinking and excludes tho

We equate thinking with intellectual snobbery which does exist in the thoughtless self-pandering of faux contemplation.
We race to avoid the discomfort of a second thought and our ability to contemplate and problem solve are abandoned for short-sighted materialism.

That’s too bad. Perception is surface deep. But when we‘re thoughtful, we can cut off problems. We do this every day anyway, like paying bills, setting an alarm, and not eating poison.
Be we aren’t particularly thoughtful and we don’t meditate or teach our children how to deal with problems. Our denial of our inhumanity has made us the problem.

Fortunately, it is possible in the potential of our intellect to understand the folly of our materially dominated values and return to more fulfilling ways. Anyone who realizes a need to be part of humanity is safe and needn’t worry.
It just takes practice.

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