Cutting the Edge

Satisfaction Finds You
February 6, 2018
February 9, 2018

Animals pass on vital information to the next generation. If you take a newborn monkey or bird out of their environment, support them until they’re grown, and put them back in that environment, they won’t know what to do unless they found some friendly members of their species.
For intellectually powered animals, education can only be a good thing.
First it starts at home with the generational passing down of the basic human values like trust and compassion. This should be reinforced in school. Values need to be there through complicated problem solving. The need for that doesn’t really go away.
Everyone in government has a good education if they’re not a lawyer. Same for those who work in finance, like banks. The idea of austerity comes from those educated people. Taking financial advantage of those in trust and then suggesting tightening the budget to pay interest on debt is not a practical plan. Nor moral.

There is a doctor shortage. They require a lot of education. Our educated leaders suggest cutting public school funding. With that kind of motivation, how shallow can their deeply material but superficial lives be?
An education is worthless without values, but for the dull depraved being the trained dull depraved.

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