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Humanism was secular, as it still describes its atheism, which is exclusive Welcome to the good old fashioned, unexclusive particularly unspecial secular discussion and suggestions. No doctrine or your money back, donations notwithstanding!

Religion is too much

Atheism says nothing. Huminimism More than nothing Less than too much!

> Says no to sects
> Less unreasonable
> Has under half the arrogance of the other leading philosophies
> No transmitted fat lies
> Hubris resistant with no added presumption

An illness of unsocial dysfunction has been recognized as Borderline Personality Disorder by the medical community. It's not much of a reach to file hatred, the arguable bane of humanity, as the treatable medical condition of Non-Borderline Personality Disorder. And first in the fight against Non-Borderline Personality Disorder! See the 2 min Vimeo about "The Warning at the Dawn of History" eBook on GoFundMe. Or just read it and donate your opinions to Contact page, please.